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With it's maritime location, its a no-brainer why San Francisco is one of my favorite cities. Whether you prefer city activities, exploring nature, or are just hungry for some grub, SF has something for everyone.

Surprisingly, it's only about 1/6th of New York City. Due to the relatively small geographic size, it's possible to accomplish a lot of your to-do list in one day. Hell, I did four posts worth of activities in just 4 days! But if you want to see ALL that San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area has to offer, you're going to need more than just a day. I honestly believe that I could keep coming back to this city and still find something new to do every time. From picnics, to concerts, to brunch, to hikes, SF's take on what to do is unparalleled to most other cities.  

Yes, the touristy spots are worth a visit, but in my opinion, the city's hidden treasures are what make SF special. Make sure to dedicate a chunk of your time to some of the lesser-known spots I'll be sharing with you soon. 

Pier 39 in Fisherman's Wharf has my seal of approval.  ;) 

Pier 39 in Fisherman's Wharf has my seal of approval. ;) 


What makes San Francisco so special?

  1. How many other cities can you think of where almost every street is a hill? The steepest street in SF is Filbert Street. Although it feels like you're walking at an 60 degree incline, it's actually only 17 degrees (I'd hate to experience a hill that was actually 35 degrees). 
  2. The houses and apartments in this city are freakin' adorable. It almost feels as if you're walking down a European street because each one is a different color and directly on top of its neighbor.
  3. Cable cars, man. How many cities have cable cars nowadays!? Although I haven't ridden in one since I was about 7 years old, it makes traveling up those hills way easier. 
  4. Mint coffee. Sounds kind of weird right? Well remember this is also a food blog... you gotta trust me when I make a recommendation!!
  5. It is home to the largest Chinatown in the world (besides China obviously)–and the oldest in America. 
  6. It ranks number one for the US city with the most restaurants per capita. That's more than NYC (which ranked fourth)... better pack an appetite!
  7. It is America's most expensive city to live in. That being said, a quick visit won't break your bank. 

Okay, you get the idea. It's a really cool city. 

Coit Tower seen in the distance.

Coit Tower seen in the distance.


Last April, I visited SF with four friends, for four days. Having been there once before when I was really young, I didn't remember much of what I saw. My goal for this weekend was to see as much of San Francisco as possible in the little time I had. 

Although some of these places I would choose to skip on my next visit (mainly the touristy ones), if you want to experience San Francisco as a whole, this four day agenda was pretty successful. For the sake of ease, I broke down what I did during those four days into three blog posts: nature, city, and of course, food. So when you plan your trip to the city, you might decide to take a page from my book. Use these upcoming posts to make planning even more efficient! 

The Take Away

So you get my drift? San Francisco is packed with a diverse array of activities. This post only touches on a bit of what there is to discover–the culture holds surprises around every corner. 

With that being said...

Stay tuned for my recommendations that made a lasting impact!

– Alex –